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The Entrepreneurial Man’s Game Plan for A Rock Solid Relationship

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Build The Business Of Your Dreams Without Losing The Love Of Your Life

End The Competition Between Your Business and Your Spouse

Fuel Attraction
Elevate Excitement And Connection In Your Romantic Relationship

Attain The Good Life
Achieve The Life Most Entrepreneurs Only Dream About

I'll show you how in the

Passionate Partners Project

The Happy Relationship Formula for Busy Business Owners

"My Goal is to help entrepreneurs end the competition between their significant other and their business to create a life of passion, peace, and prosperity."

Ellen Dorian

Leadership Strategist and Relationship Coach

Creator of the Passionate Partners Project

Can You Find Happiness in Love AND Business?

You can! And I'll show you how in the Passionate Partners Project™

It’s time to stop the tug of war. You know, the tug you feel between your partner and your business. Both are fighting for your time

and unless you figure out a way to give each of them what they need, you’re going to fail at both.

Is it really possible to run a successful business AND have a loving relationship at the same
time? Yes! People do it every day, and you can too. You just need this simple formula…

The Three P's of Life

The Passionate Partners Project is all about helping you find and maintain the three P’s of life. I know that balancing Passion, Peace, and Prosperity is the secret to having a happy, healthy life, and I also know how difficult it can be to run a business and have a successful love life.

Many entrepreneurs have been accused of cheating on their partners with the business, because of the time and passion they put in. Sky high divorce rates among entrepreneurs prove that this is not a winning strategy. Frankly, the odds are against anyone who’s trying to maintain both a thriving business AND a flourishing relationship.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This

Happiness and balance are only a few steps away! I know all too well the struggles that you’re facing, which is why I’m helping entrepreneurs around the country find their ideal balance. Stop stretching yourself thin with my proven techniques and frameworks that you can apply to your business and relationship.

I’ll show you how to set boundaries for each. You’ll learn new ways to target your energy and attention in the moment. The best part is you won’t feel stressed about your business or relationship any longer. The Passion Partners Project workshops will shift your priorities and your perspective on life fundamentally, with tips that will help you work smarter, love more, and live peacefully with your chosen partner.

Unlimited Support When You Need It

This isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of deal—you need to constantly work at this or your old bad habits will creep back in. I will be here for you! I provide a caring, personal touch and a wealth of knowledge on this topic. Whenever you need help, support is there, and whether you feel like you’re starting to lose your love, or your business, get in touch with me and I’ll help you refocus.

Passion, Peace, and Prosperity Are A Few Clicks Away

You are so close to finally finding the balance between business success and passion in your relationship. What do you have to lose? If you’re feeling stretched thin, you’re already in danger of failing. Take a chance and give your business and relationship the boost they need for you to be successful!

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